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Essential Real Estate Photography Tips

Essential Real Estate Photography Tips

Real estate photography tips are something that we’re always getting asked about. The biggest question we get asked is, which is the best panel for real estate? Raya Pro, or Lumi32. There are huge benefits to both panels. Raya Pro is a massive panel and is incredibly versatile. It allows you to do so much more than exposure blend. Lumi32 is fast, I mean really fast. You can blend bracketed real estate images in seconds. Both panels produce brilliant results.

With that out of the way, this tutorial will give you some great tips for shooting real estate. Unlike landscape where we are dependant on natural light, interior photography has to make use of available and artificial light.

Real Estate Photography Tips!

Real Estate Photography Tips Our Review

This is a really simple tutorial to follow, to understand the basics of interior shooting. The Tutorial is made by who offers Professional photo editing and other real estate photography services. As we mentioned earlier, Light is always a major consideration when shooting internally, Brad shares some tips on how to overcome this. From simple things such as opening blinds to more advanced photography methods such as bracketing. Let’s look at Brad’s Top Tips.

1. Setting Up The Property for Shooting Interiors

General cleanliness, not just clean but also organized. Tidy away the little things which can cause distraction and create a mess in your images. Uniformity, if there’s a set, such as curtains, blinds, or chairs. Then, align them and try to get them to match or mirror their counterparts. 

2. Lighting

Try to encompass as much natural light as you can. Open up blinds, curtains, and even glass doors to help create a sense of space.  Use bracketed images such as the ones shown at around 3:00 minutes into the tutorial video. 

3. Balance

Like most photography, try to maintain a good balance in your image. Look for good leading lines and composition, an interesting subject, and not too much ceiling or floor. This is the same with landscape photography, we never want too much sky or foreground in our images.


4. The Hero Shot!

This is the most important shot that you will use when advertising the property. This image should be the one that turns the viewer’s head. Try to determine what about this property, what is its key feature?. Spend a lot of time to get your Hero Shot and spend more time post-processing your piest de resistance.


All of the below Images were blended from multiple bracketed exposures using Raya Pro.

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We cover Interior photography in much greater more depth in our Art of Photography Couse. If you have Raya Pro, blending interior exposures is also covered in our Exposure Blend Like an Expert course. And, for Lumi32 users, Real Estate post-processing is covered in Mastering Lumi32.


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To find out more about what requirement is essential for real estate photography, I found this article for you by Garey Gomes where he covers My Gear Bag: Equipment I Use for Real Estate Photography.

Essential Real Estate Photography Tips
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