Shooting Time-Lapse Photography at Night

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Continuing where we left off from Dave Morrow's article on How to Plan for Astro Photography, The Slanted Lens takes us step-by-step,though the process of setting up and shooting an astro time-lapse. At the beautifully isolated location of Mono Lake, J.P. gives us suggestions on ideal [...]

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Tutorial – How to Photograph Waterfalls

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this short and to-the-point video, Tony Northrup gives us some great shooting advice for capturing dynamic waterfalls. He uses some great visuals to explain his points. His main focus is discussing various shutter speeds and available light. If you've never shot a waterfall [...]

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How To Perfectly Expose For Any Area When Using ND Filters

Article By Jimmy McIntyre ND (Neutral Density) filters can add wonderful dynamism to your images through capturing the beautiful movement of clouds and water, or any other interesting element. They can also help you come out with clean images, free from people or unwanted moving objects. B+W [...]

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How To Capture Star Trails At Night

Shooting and processing star trails is a lot of fun. But it's also a touch more complicated that shooting general landscapes. In this video tutorial, Tony Northrup, goes through the preparation and techniques necessary for capturing star trails as cleanly as possible.

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How To Shoot For Digital Blending

Capturing the scene correctly in-camera is certainly the most important step in any photography workflow - a Digital Blending workflow is no different. No amount of post-processing can save a mood-less, blurry scene. It is important that we understand the incredible machine that is our camera, so that we can truly do justice to the [...]

15 Features of Your DSLR You Should Know

Our DSLRs are monumental pieces of machinery. Mastering it requires a little bit of time and patience. This great video by B&H will give you a solid grounding of 15 hugely important features within your DSLR. And as a bonus, I've included a wonderful video I saw a couple of years ago by the ever-charismatic, [...]

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