Your Ideas – The New Raya Pro Panel

Raya Pro Panel Preview

6 weeks ago I asked myself, if I could have the ideal Photoshop panel, what would it include? I set about documenting various workflows I use with the goal of creating for myself this ideal panel. I have now arrived at the final stages of development for this wonderful piece of software, and I must say, I love using it in my post-processing. It has made everything much easier and quicker.

The panel, named the Raya Pro panel works in every language, and includes simple buttons for every digital blending process I use, including the Rapid Blendi If technique, Apply Image, and Gradient Masks. 2 sections are dedicated to luminosity masks, and each button is designed to take all of the work out of using them.

I have an entire section dedicated to post-processing after blending, including colour correction (auto & manual), image enhancements, CA removal, reveal sensor dust, and much more.

To finish, there is also the exact sharpening and preparing for the web buttons that I use to get sharp images with the correct colour profile.

Please click on the thumbnails below (and magnify them with the button in the top right) to see the panel. Or watch the video below to see a preview of the panel in action.

My question to you is this; before I send the panel into the final stages of development, what processes or techniques what you love to have in a panel like this?


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Your Ideas – The New Raya Pro Panel

93 thoughts on “Your Ideas – The New Raya Pro Panel

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    I wish i could help,but I’m not that technical person. I know that for sure you make professional work.
    Thanks for your full support you give to photographers.

    Mario Mifsud

  2. My first comment is PLEASE make available for cs6 users for those of us who haven’t made the jump to CC yet.
    Otherwise the new panel looks great. I’m on my phone so can’t the close up but will you have Dodge and Burn buttons on there? Levels?

    Thanks johnny

      1. That’s great news. Thanks. I forgot to ask, awhile back you changed your luminosity masks to make more precise selections on your panel but it was only available for CC users. Will this panel have those advanced selections or is it made more for CC users? Either way can’t wait for the new panel. Thanks again.

  3. Will this work in lightroom as well? I also cannot wait for this to be ready…
    Keep up the hard work we all appreciate it.

  4. Quickly add a neutral grey layer and D&B are always nice to have close…

  5. It looks very comprehensive Jimmy, I can’t think of anything to add! 🙂

  6. Looks awesome!

    One suggestion I have: There are a few different ways to do Orton. Depending on the image, different ones give better results (e.g. soft light blend mode vs screen / multiply). I would suggest adding a few of the alternative ways.

  7. Hi Jimmy, well done, just one thing to may be consider. What do you think about adding more languages into the panel als you have friends all over the world. Thinking about French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German colleagues who would love to work with your panel in their language. Would that be possible?

  8. Wow! Looks amazing and you seem to have covered things I would never have thought of!
    My only comment would be with sharpening/detail enhancement. Is there a built in way to exclude non detailed areas like skies similar to the mask used in Lightroom sharpening? It may well already be there but I just didn’t notice it?
    Also I have great problems with reducing my very large Tiff files for the web, even though done incrementally, they loose sharpness and particularly colour dramatically which has to be added back at each stage. For whatever reason they loose Yellow in particular. Using this new panel, I see you specifically mention adapting sharpening and colour for the web, but would I still have to go through a gradual reduction in size in order to keep the sharpness and colour as close to the original Tiff file? Many of the original Tiffs are bigger than 2gigs.
    Thanks for opening this up for discussion. I have learnt a HUGE amount from your tutorials as a relatively ‘newby’ to Luminosity Masks.

  9. My initial comment before reviewing is to please make this available for CS5 and above. I have so far been unable to load easy panel using extension manager even after following the instructions for a manual install. Have sent you a couple of emails…..

  10. Great work Jimmy, this looks very useful. I often have trouble discerning which luminosity mask i need to use to target the area I wish to work on. Is it possible for the Lum. value of the pixel under the cursor to cause the corresponding mask to be highlighted in the panel. Sort of like the colour picker tool in PS, for instance.

  11. Looks very good.

    Could it be made narrower so that it does not obscure the photo too much?Perhaps the instruction text could be in pop outs to reduce its size.
    A Stamp All Layers button would be useful and also a Dodge and Burn facility.

    Looking forward to seeing the final result.

  12. Hi Jimmy, excellent panel can’t wait to give it a try. Agree with the black & white as I use it a lot now.

  13. Hi Jimmy,

    Great idea to create a panel dedicated to blending techniques!
    What about adding some buttons to create the most common adjustments layers, like Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturations, etc… and to set the bending modes of these layers (Multiply, screen, luminosity, Color, Soft Light, Overlay, etc…)

    Can’t wait to give a test to your panel

  14. Hey up Jimmy and hello from Whitley Bay,

    It looks like you are very close to finishing a fantastic control panel. I’ve had a quick scan through and everything seems to be spot on with all areas covered that I usually use in my workflow. Fantastic work! The only thing I would be slightly critical on would be the size of the panel. If there was a way to condense it slightly so that you didn’t have to minimise it between editing stages, maybe with drop down menus, that would help with the flow. To be honest though, it looks great.

    Keeping the north-east fires burning, coz it’s freezing!


    1. Thanks Kris. You’re not the first to comment on the size, I’ve slimmed it down while keeping the same functionality.
      I hope it warms up soon 😀

      1. Great work Jimmy, I’m sure it’ll be a huge success.

        Warm up soon, not a chance. It’s raining for the 3rd day in a row and struggling to hit double figures. Yeahy, summers here. I’d like to bet you’re not missing the weather!!

  15. Very impressive panel Jimmy. One aspect I think would be a good addition is some fine tuned noise reduction. For shorter exposures this usually isnt a major issue, but if using strong filtering or high ISO, noise can creep in removing it is almost always a chore particularly if doing it selectively.

    Looking forward to the final version though its really great to see a tool like this becoming available and keep up the tutorials they are great to read and watch.

  16. Hi Jimmy and thanks for the work already done on the previous panels and this one

    I have a little selfish request
    In my workflow, I heavily use Smart Objects so as to easily adjust my settings on each layer (in ACR). I have to convert each layer into a Smart Object manually. A little tool to convert all layers into smart object would be really helpful

    P.S. How about talking about the advantages of working with Smart Objects on a future newsletter

  17. Hi Jimmy,

    Raya Pro looks like a fantastic tool and I’m looking forward to the release date.

    For someone like myself that does not have a lot of time to spend working on my photos I think this will be a huge benefit to me. I assume that if a person has not bracketed a photo then using the masks would be the recommended method but I’d love to hear your advice on that.

    Thanks for putting out excellent tools and tutorials Jimmy.

  18. Looks good Jimmy. The interface is simple and clear. In the video, when you demonstrate vignetting, I didn’t see any in the picture though.

    One minor suggestion – after the program converts the three separate images into three layers in one image, you manually change the order of the layers. It would be nice if the program ordered the layers automatically. The program should be able to easily to tell which layers are the darkest and lightest by examining the histograms. After it orders the layers, you could even have the program label the layers, e.g., “Bright”, “Middle”, “Dark”.

    I look forward to the release of Raya Pro!

    Greg Reese

  19. really good work but the panel seems to be too large . the ‘prepare for web’ section must include height / width selection

  20. Hi, haven’t thought for the “Prepare for Web” to a resolution than at least 3000 pixels to be able to publish the photos on 500PX? Cheers from Italy… 😉

  21. One thing I have always liked about your panels is the fact that you first create all the masks and then you go into Channels to find the one you want based on what they look like, then you can use the shortcut keys to add or subtract them. The “other” guy doesn’t give you the option to create all the masks at once and it’s kind of a guessing game as to which one to generate. As long as you keep the button to create them all at once, I’m good. Thanks for all you do Jimmy! 😉

    Oh yeah and someone else mentioned Orton… I’d like to see if it’s possible to change some of the options during execution such as blur radius? Not sure what else is going into that action, but mine always come out dark and pretty strong. Anything you can do to be able to alter the look during execution would be awesome.

  22. Appears to be a lot of worthwhile functionality. I agree with the comments about panel size.

  23. Looks fantastic! A lot of people are requesting the panel be smaller. i disagree! I think the size is just about right. Of course I work with dual monitors and typically pop my panels and tool bars out to a second monitor.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Great work Jimmy!

  24. Looks very nice….One suggestion would be instead of having so many buttons for web output, simply put it into a a single drop down list to save a lot of space. The other suggestion I would have is, I always need to have a feel for what areas the lum masks are affecting. So could you show the marching ants or color overlay?

  25. Hi Jimmy, I don’t see the option for your new range masks. There is a interesting concept by a guy Sven Stork who introduced the Interactive Luminosity Masks and the Dodge and Burn option using the blank layers. Implementing all of it if possible would make this a killer panel!

  26. Thanks so much for this awesome panel it seems to really bring so much of what I do together in one place. I can not wait to download it. One thing that I’m sure has been addressed but I didn’t see is any b&w functionality? I know you don’t do a lot of b&w work but is it possible to add some in?

  27. Can’t wait

    Agreed with others on size and on smart object

    I would also like to see more editing options for BW conversions. PS has so many different ways to convert (desaturate, convert via image-adjustments, layer masking).

    Finally, can you add blur to the masks (think a simulated long exposure on clouds)

  28. thank you for this great addition – I agree with all the comments that the others have provided. As I am new to all luminosity mask/shutterevolve workflow, I look forward to this new tool. However, would I then not use the easy panel that I have installed; and/or, is the easy panel steps included in this new panel? If the easy panel is not included in the new panel — would it make sense to include it? thanks for clarification.

  29. This looks quite powerful and useful, Jimmy. I’m very excited to purchase it when it’s available. If you need a beta tester, I have a beta testing Mac and Windows system with Photoshop CC 2014 and Photoshop CC 2015 running.

    The think I’d add for a later version would be an enhancement to allow us to have a custom panel with blank buttons that we could click and assign to our own favorite actions in our actions palates. I expect many of us have our favorite specialized actions, whether it be adding a specialized watermark, framing technique, color balancing layer, color grading layer, b&w luminosity layer, etc. I like the way this reflects your own personal way of working through an image and I think it is good to keep it that way as much as possible while allowing the user to add their own ‘extras’ to simplify their own workflow. It also might be useful for you when you’re wanting to experiment and test a particular action in your workflow to see whether it would be useful in your own future updates.

    So far, it looks like something Mary Poppins herself would admire: ‘practically perfect in every way.’ 🙂

  30. Great !
    I love your actual panel and this is getting even better
    I agree wit the other needs (smart objects, panel not to take large screenspace, dodge&burn, ).
    grtz from Belgium (EU)

  31. Hi Jimmy! I adore the concept of your new panel. If I have a suggestion for you, it would increase by 6 to 9 layers minimum for digital blending. Personally, my practice picture is essentially made of night and I use at least 9 layers to build my photos. I often to go up to 12 images bracketing and used for digital blending. This is due to the fact that I make sure that each light source has “his” pictures so you do not have to play with the brightness and prevent the occurrence of noise. And also as light sources are not all the same color temperature, it will be easier to work the white balance for each photo. So. I will end by congratulating you for your excellent work teacher. If, today, I make the digital blending, that`s thanks to you. Thank you again!

  32. Looks fantastic Jimmy! Question: I do a lot of “existing light” HDR architectural photography and am always struggling with the unnatural colors and halos around bright windows – would the techniques you’ve developed be appropriate for this type of photography?

  33. Hi Jimmy, the panel looks a very useful edition to the photographers arsenal. The only two things I would add are reduce for web sizes to include typical sizes for camera club projectors so 1400 wide 1050 high or if doing portrait orientation 1050 high max. I am sure there are others for 16:9, 16:10 format. The other addition would be to have an option to add a border in black or medium grey at a few pixels wide or have the option to change border size with a slider. I was going to ask for a structure adjustment but I think you have covered that with the sharpening technique in size reduction.

  34. Hi Jimmy. Thank you for the Easy panel and the fix for PsCC2015. I look forward to your regular e-mail, I always try to find an image to try your latest technique. I find my images always look a little better when I add some blending as you suggest. Thank you for all your videos and demonstrations. Would you care to share the reason you selected “Raya” for the name? Good luck with this new panel. Have a great day, Rick.

  35. Jimmy,
    Are the luminosity masks created in your panel 8 or 16 bit? 16 would be my suggestion if they are not already available.

  36. Jimmy, for those that are more on the artistic side of photography, I am wondering if there is a method that you do not automatically sharpen (excessively) the image . Example, if I would like to have a water color or pastel affect, or during a long exposure, not sure I want to automatically have the application sharpen the image.

  37. Wow Jimmy amazing! I will be waiting for your release,. Really well done!

  38. You guys are amazing. I’ve taken your advice, made the panel slimmer, and a little bit sexier, and added a lot of new functionality. Here’s a quick preview.

  39. Hi Jimmy,
    It would be great to have a sharpening option for FullHD (1920 x 1080 px).
    Another suggestion would be to add frames maybe with different sizes and colors.
    Thank you for your work. Well done!

  40. This is a great panel Jimmy, Thanks and well done ! I’m racking my brain for suggestions because you seem to have covered it all. But. . . my personal hic-up in my work flow is forgetting to delete all the luminosity channels before saving the image and then later noticing the size of the saved file and deleting it, re-opening the image in photoshop, deleting the channels and saving again. for all I know your system already does this but could it either prompt me to delete channels before saving, or just automatically delete before saving?

  41. Hi Jimmy. I have been using your EP for some time, but this is once every couple weeks and I have difficulty remembering all of the ins and outs and micro work flows. Raya looks like it will ease this problem by having all the “little” workflows behind a button. One question: have you updated “The Art of Digital Blending” to use Raya power?

  42. I already have and use your Luminosity Mask Course.
    Although some elements are quicker using Raya Pro and there are a couple of additions, I can’t see that it really does anything that cannot be done with the original course. There is quite a steep learning curve with the original course and it certainly appears that Raya Pro makes life a lot easier. So if I purchase Raya Pro can I just forget about using the original course. I appreciate that the fundamental principles were explained in some detail in the original which I don’t think will be repeated in Raya Pro. So the basic question ‘is it worth having both.

  43. Hi Jimmy,

    I love your work and the way teach. And I am really looking forward to the new RAYA PRO panel. I’m not sure if somebody suggested this already, but I think it will be great if there is a button for reducing/removing gradient banding. Thank you for everything you’ve done already. Much appreciated!

  44. i bought the raya pro today and i’m loving but its giving me a big headache. my workflow is to use lightroom to edit my 5 exposures by opening them in photoshop as layers. once they are in photoshop i fire up raya pro and align the layers and here is the problem, It creates a new name for the file called “digital Blending Workflow”, if there was an option I would prefer it keeps the name of the original files. because once i’m down and go to save the file, it don’t know where to save it… files names are descriptive of their lcoation on my hard drive. this slows down my workflow. i now have to go back into LR, look at my filename, copy n paste it back into photoshop when saving the file.

    thing is when inside LR, i tell it to open in photoshop, it is smart enough to know where to save it to, which is folder i was in at LR, but with your app i have to find the folder than rename the file – which it would be simpler if you simply adopt the first filename in the exposures, and hopefully same folder it came from.

    i find it very annoying having to rename it. photomatix adopts, hdr efex pro…al major hdr apps adopt the filename when dealing with multiple exposures. it would be nice if yours did so we don’t have to backtrack.

  45. im stuck, when in raya pro i pick Reveal Sensor dust and clone out the dust spots…but then I don’t understand how to get out of this mode? how to get out of gray mode? your tutorials explain what sensor dust is for but not how to revert back to normal color mode. can anyone help me pls?

    1. Hi John, please click on the Sensor Dust layer that is created, and delete it using the Delete button in Raya Pro, or the trash can at the bottom of the layers panel. Thank you!

      1. hi, thank you for reply. but this does not work. if i delete the sensor dust layer as you say, it than reveals the layers below but i now all the dusts spots are there. my goal was to use the sensor layer to reveal dust spots, clone them out. so this did not work out for me. goal is remove sensor layer without losing all the work in did in that layer to correct dust spots.

        1. Hi John, this is a reveal layer, so once you create the layer, it shows you where the dust is. Then you just make this layer invisible and make the changes below. Once that is done, delete the Sensor Dust layer and that’s it! Cheers

          1. ah, ok, i gotcha, i worked in the sensor layer making all changes there and not realizing it should be done on the one below. thanks for help.

    1. Hi there,
      In the video provided the instructions show you how to install Raya Paro without Extension Manager. Did you watch the video?

      Thank you

  46. I bought this panel today and got stuck on my computer playing with it for 2 hours. I loved it. Maybe it’s me but the selections seem more precise. I’ve been a student of yours for a few years now and my workflow keeps getting better and better because of you. Thanks so much sensei. This panel rocks.

    And also as one of the many who still use CS6, thanks for not forgetting us when you make these wonderful tools.

  47. Hi Jimmy

    Do you have a link or place for technical questions and errors? I get a Ps error “The command “Set” is not currently available.” when trying to use LMs.


  48. Hi Jimmy,

    I would much appreciate if you would explain how to add your own action in to Raya Pro.


    1. Hi there, please go to the folder in the download called ‘Step 2 – Quick Setup’ to install the actions. Then go to the instruction manual in the How To Use folder and you will see instructions for using your own actions.

      Thank you

  49. Hi Jimmy,
    I tried to add the actions from the download folder by drag and drop, but it would not add!

  50. By the way, I am Mac user, but that should not make any difference (I believe). I did what the video says and still does not help! I have already wasted over an hr. what am I doing wrong here??

    1. Hi there, installing actions in PC or Mac is the same process. If you’re having difficulties, please message me via the contact form on this site with details of the problems.. After I’ve responded, please send me a screen capture (video recording of what you are doing) so I can help.

  51. having problems with photoshop CC 2015, panel is jumbled up / corrupt anyone have ideas, installed through scripts. thanks phillip

    OS Windows 10

    1. Hi Susan, this post is from many months ago. Raya Pro has not been updated since its release, so you will still have the latest version.

      Have a nice day

  52. When I try use Luminosity Masks and Digital Blending I get a message on Photoshop my Mac “the command Set is not currently available.” What does this mean and I do I solve it. Thanks.

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