The ‘Healing Power’ of Photography

The ‘Healing Power’ of Photography The ‘Healing Power’ of Photography Article is by Dr. Anastasius Moumtzoglou. If you would like to write for us, please read here. The Healing Power of Photography – What Is A Photo?   Usually, we think of photography concerning the holidays or the news, without dealing with its healing power and […]

How To Focus Stack In Photoshop (manual and auto methods)

How To Focus Stack In Photoshop In this tutorial we look at how to focus stack in Photoshop by using the easy automatic setting which takes just a couple of clicks. We also try a simple manual technique using layer masking as well as discussing why you might want to focus stack your landscape images […]

Tutorial: How To Use Luminosity Masks and Single Exposures (One Exposure)

How To Use Luminosity Masks on a Single Exposure (One Exposure) In this tutorial we will look at how to blend a single exposure using luminosity masks in Photoshop, which is something I’ve been asked many times in the past. Raya Pro users: Raya Pro 5.0 release date is May 20th.

My New Novel Has Arrived

It’s finally here – my new novel, Cracked Lenses. Book Description Internet glory. Viral photos. Life on the road. Jack craves it all. As a travel photographer, he ventures into the forgotten and decrepit town of Nesgrove, New Zealand, in search of the perfect photo. What he finds is a dead body and a mysterious […]

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