Luminosity Mask Workflow + How To Remove Lens Flare In Photoshop

Article by Jimmy McIntyre: I started creating this video tutorial to show you how to remove lens flare from your images. However, the process was so quick, I decided to extend the tutorial to a full Digital Blending workflow using Luminosity Masks. Under the video you will see the written lens removal tutorial, for those [...]

Tutorial on How to Blend Exposures in Interior Photography

Article By Jimmy McIntyre In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly and easily blend multiple exposures in Photoshop to create a balanced interior image. Using the Rapid Blend If technique, you can control highlights in other types of photography, too. Experiment with landscapes and cityscapes, as well as interiors, to see how effective [...]

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Luminosity Masks Tutorial – Specific Contrast Adjustments

Anyone who regularly uses luminosity masks knows exactly how powerful they are in producing beautiful imagery. Since they are an advanced selection technique, however, they can be used for much more than exposure blending. In fact, their power lies in their flexibility. If you're reading this and thinking 'what on earth are luminosity masks?' feel [...]

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Sky Replacement Tutorial in Photoshop – Gradient Mask

Article by Jimmy McIntyre: Following on from our recent article on the benefits of Luminosity Masks in Digital Blending, There is another, very effective way to blend exposures in Photoshop. It is quick, clean, and can easily replace a blown out sky for one which is properly exposed. Essentially this article is a sky replacement [...]

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Why Use Luminosity Masks in Exposure Blending

Article by Jimmy McIntyre: Benefits of using Luminosity Masks in Exposure Blending In the cold we wait; in the rain we hope, and during the night we look up at the sky and wonder when, if ever, those clouds will clear. As photographers we have little control over the conditions in which we shoot. We [...]