Over the years I’ve shot many locations, but I have a surprisingly small portfolio. When I first started out in photography, I would publish just about any image I shot. But little by little, I became much more strict about the photos I put online. Essentially I wanted people to see my ‘best’ work, rather than having to sift through my less interesting images just to arrive at a better one.

I have different reasons for not publishing certain photos, as I’m sure you do, too. Some  images don’t have the mood I wanted. Some don’t have the general quality I like. Others just aren’t good enough. Below you can see twenty photos that didn’t make the cut, for whatever reason. Please note, I haven’t given the exact reason for each image because for most they just don’t click with me. I don’t have a conscious reason why that may be. I’m sure as photographers you’ve experienced the exact same thing.

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