Article By Jimmy McIntyre

Welcome to the first episode of Challenge Jimmy, where you, the subscriber, can send me your RAW files which you found difficult to process. I take up the challenge and try to offer you advice which may help you with future images. To take part, please email me at challengejimmymc (at) gmail (dot) com. Include a paragraph detailing what you found difficult, and attach a full sized JPEG of your final version.

Thank you to Tommy Botello for sending me his images for this video. He created a beautiful composition, but had difficulty blending his exposures. In this video I talk about why these exposures were difficult to blend and how to get over this challenge in Photoshop. I also add some ideas for colouring, and making the image more impacting, while remaining natural. I hope you find it useful.

To learn how to create your own Orton Effect, please see here: How To Create A Dreamy Orton Effect