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Easy Panel 2.0 is Here – Free 16 Bit Luminosity Mask Panel

Essential Luminosity Mask Tutorial For Beginners - Photoshop Guide

Powerful Photoshop Panel That Will Improve Your Photos

Enhance Your Images And Make Your Workflow Easier With This FREE Luminosity Mask Panel for Photoshop

What Does The Panel Do?

14 Quality Photoshop Actions
Create & Delete Luminosity Masks Actions
Orton Effect Action For Dreamy Photos
Non-Destructive Dodge & Burn Action
Detail Enhancer Action
2 Sharpener Actions
Autumn Colours Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

– Will this work with Elements? Sadly not. The panel will work with Photoshop CS6 and newer, while the actions will work with CS3 and newer.

– Will the actions work in Non-English versions of Photoshop? This will work in all languages.

– Is my email address safe? Absolutely. Only one person will see your email address – Jimmy McIntyre.

– Do I pay anything? You do not have to pay for anything. It is completely free.

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Easy Panel 2.0 is Here – Free 16 Bit Luminosity Mask Panel
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