How to Remove People from Photos

How to Remove People from Photos

One of the greatest annoyances for a photographer is people spoiling our photos. Sometimes we can avoid capturing people in our shots if we use a really long exposure and they continue to move, even then there could be some residual ghosting. One of the most common lessons we need to learn in post-processing is how to remove people from our photos? In this tutorial, we will look at two examples of the easiest way to remove people from photos in photoshop using the clone stamp tool.

How to Remove People from Photos in Photoshop

Using the Clone Stamp Tool to Remove People From Images


1. The first step is to add a new layer, so that we don’t work directly on the image.


2. Use the Zoom tool to zoom into the area where the person or people are that you want to remove.


3. Select the Clone Stamp Tool, you can also quickly select the Clone Stamp tool by pressing S on your keyboard.

clone stamp tool


4. In the Clone Stamp Tool settings at the top of the page, make sure that “All Layers” is selected in the Sample window.


5. Hover over the image and hold down the Alt or Opt key and left-click to select an area to clone from. Be selective when choosing where to clone from. I chose this area because the pattern lines can be easily matched in the area I want to clone to.


6. Move the cursor to the area you want to clone to and left-click and drag to start cloning. Press the left mouse button and move your cursor until the people have been completely cloned over.

remove multiple people




As if by magic! Where there was once people, now there are none.

How To Remove People From Photos

This image was taken from royalty free stock images provided by Pixbay

Using the Clone Stamp Tool to Remove Multiple People


In the second example, we used the exact same technique. The only difference is we cloned from multiple places to hide the people. The reason why we cloned from more than one location is to avoid obvious pattern repeats. If there are repeated patterns in images where there shouldn’t be, such as in textures, it looks unnatural. We also used varied opacticy levels, brush sizes, and hardness to blend textures to make them look more natural.


As if by magic! Where there was once people, now there are none.

Remove People From Images

This image was taken from royalty free stock images provided by Pixbay


Other Ways to Remove People in Photoshop

There are more ways to remove people from images in Photoshop. One of the more advance techniques is Frequency Separation, Watch our Frequency Separation for Beginners Tutorial.

Another way to remove people in photoshop is to use the Spot Heal tool. This short article explains How to Remove People or Objects from a Photo with Photoshop.

For larger removals, we can use the Patch Tool in Photoshop. Check out this article to learn how to Remove Objects with the Patch Tool in Photoshop.

We can also take measures with our camera to avoid unwanted people in our images. We mentioned earlier that you could use longer exposures. What if we not able to shoot with a long exposure? Don’t worry there is a Different Way to Remove People From Photos in Photoshop.


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How to Remove People from Photos
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