InstaMask Tutorial (full workflow) – How To Blend Exposures In Photoshop

InstaMask Tutorial (full workflow) - How To Blend Exposures In Photoshop

 InstaMask Tutorial (full workflow) – How To Blend Exposures In Photoshop

Download Raya Pro and InstaMask Here:

Existing users download InstaMask here:

This is the first tutorial showing you some of the fantastic new techniques InstaMask has to offer. We look at different ways of making accurate, yet easy selections that allow us to make very precise changes. As we can see in the video, InstaMask drastically speeds up our entire workflow, from dodging & burning to the Orton Effect.

We also see how convenient and effective the sliders are at crafting our masks, giving us the ideal selection. Combined with the vast amount of useful tools in Raya Pro, our workflows have never been easier, and yet more precise.

For a list of InstaMask’s main functions and a video showing you more of what the panel can do, please see this page: Introducing InstaMask – A Powerful Luminosity Mask Panel

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InstaMask Tutorial (full workflow) – How To Blend Exposures In Photoshop

8 thoughts on “InstaMask Tutorial (full workflow) – How To Blend Exposures In Photoshop

  1. Is Instamask a replacement for Raya Pro or would it be used in conjunction with Raya pro?

    1. Hi Peggy, InstaMask is not a replacement for Raya Pro. It is a mask generator, but Raya Pro is a full workflow panel, so they work together great.

  2. Hi Jimmy, I recently installed instamask, but when I try to replicate your workflow I am receiving error messages….specifically when I have used the software to create a mask, and I hit “apply”.
    Once I have done this I receive the message “The command “select” is not currently available”.
    I can’t seem to progress beyond this. It is likely something simple that I have missed, but do you have any suggestions to rectify this at all? Any inout would be most appreciated!

  3. Hi Jimmy,
    in InstaMask, when using the Test function, am I correct in assuming that you can only use this on one selected mask. That is, you select a mask and select “Test”. You can then adjust the mask sliders to give you the required result, end the test and apply the mask. You cannot select a different mask whilst in the “Test” function. Is this correct?

  4. I am very new to this plugin, the issue I am experiencing is that after a small amount of use it causes photoshop pop up screens to flash/flicker, so the raya pro toolbox/menu, instamask and any messages start flashing/flickering and require me to shut down photoshop and try and start again only to have it happen again. I have updated photoshop, not sure what else to try. Currently using PSCC

    1. I have the same thing with Instamask, I don’t need to shut down Photoshop but the panel becomes very erratic, it’s odd as it works intermittently, Raya Pro is 100% fine, just Instamask

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