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List of Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating through Photoshop can sometimes be like working your way through a labyrinth. We’re always looking for shortcuts, and there’s plenty for us to use. We’ll share an extensive list of Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts with you and also quick tool selection keys to speed up your workflow. You’ll also learn the most commonly used shortcuts in luminosity masking and handy ways to remember them.

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
List of Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Extensive List of Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

In this list, we have separated the shortcuts into their main menus. When you first open Photoshop, you will see in the top left corner File…Edit…Image. Each subcategory below will explore these main menus.


Function PC Mac
New Ctrl+N Cmd+N
Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O
Browse in Bridge Alt+Ctrl+O Opt+Cmd+O
Open As Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O Opt+Shift+Cmd+O
Close Ctrl+W Cmd+W
Close All Alt+Ctrl+W Opt+Cmd+W
Close Others Alt+Ctrl+P Opt+Cmd+P
Close and go to Bridge Shift+Ctrl+W Shift+Cmd+W
Save Ctrl+S Cmd+S
Save As Shift+Ctrl+S Shift+Cmd+S
Revert F12 F12
Export As Alt+Shift+Ctrl+W Opt+Shift+Cmd+W
Save for Web (Legacy) Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S Opt+Shift+Cmd+S
File Info Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I Opt+Shift+Cmd+I
Print Ctrl+P Cmd+P
Print One Copy Alt+Shift+Ctrl+P Opt+Shift+Cmd+P
Exit Ctrl+Q Cmd+Q
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Function PC Mac
Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
Redo Shift+Ctrl+Z Shift+Cmd+Z
Toggle Last State Alt+Ctrl+Z Opt+Cmd+Z
Fade… Shift+Ctrl+F Shift+Cmd+F
Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
Copy Merged Shift+Ctrl+C Shift+Cmd+C
Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
Paste in Place Shift+Ctrl+V Shift+Cmd+V
Paste Into Alt+Shift+Ctrl+V Opt+Shift+Cmd+V
Search Ctrl+F Cmd+F
Fill… Shift+F5 Shift+F5
Content-Aware Scale Alt+Shift+Ctrl+C Opt+Shift+Cmd+C
Free Transform Ctrl+T Cmd+T
Again Shift+Ctrl+T Shift+Cmd+T
Color Settings… Shift+Ctrl+K Shift+Cmd+K
Keyboard Shortcuts… Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K Opt+Shift+Cmd+K
Menus… Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M Opt+Shift+Cmd+M
General… Ctrl+K Cmd+K


Function PC Mac
Levels… Ctrl+L Cmd+L
Curves… Ctrl+M Cmd+M
Hue/Saturation… Ctrl+U Cmd+U
Colour Balance… Ctrl+B Cmd+B
Black & White… Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B Opt+Shift+Cmd+B
Invert Ctrl+I Cmd+I
Desaturate Shift+Ctrl+U Shift+Cmd+U
Auto Tone Shift+Ctrl+L Shift+Cmd+L
Auto Contrast Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L Opt+Shift+Cmd+L
Auto Colour Shift+Ctrl+B Shift+Cmd+B
Image Size… Alt+Ctrl+I Opt+Cmd+I
Canvas Size… Alt+Ctrl+C Opt+Cmd+C


Function PC Mac
New Layer… Shift+Ctrl+N Shift+Cmd+N
Layer Via Copy Ctrl+J Cmd+J
Layer Via Cut Shift+Ctrl+J Shift+Cmd+J
Quick Export as PNG Shift+Ctrl+’ Shift+Cmd+’
Export As… Alt+Shift+Ctrl+’ Opt+Shift+Cmd+’
Create/Release Clipping Mask Alt+Ctrl+G Opt+Cmd+G
Group Layers Ctrl+G Cmd+G
Ungroup Layers Shift+Ctrl+G Shift+Cmd+G
Hide Layers Ctrl+, Cmd+,
Bring to Front Shift+Ctrl+] Shift+Cmd+]
Bring Forward Ctrl+] Cmd+]
Send Backward Ctrl+[ Cmd+[
Send to Back Shift+Ctrl+[ Shift+Cmd+[
Lock Layers… Ctrl+/ Cmd+/
Merge Layers Ctrl+E Cmd+E
Merge Visible Shift+Ctrl+E Shift+Cmd+E


Function PC Mac
All Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Deselect Ctrl+D Cmd+D
Reselect Shift+Ctrl+D Shift+Cmd+D
Inverse Shift+Ctrl+I Shift+Cmd+I
All Layers Alt+Ctrl+A Opt+Cmd+A
Find Layers Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F Opt+Shift+Cmd+F
Select and Mask… Alt+Ctrl+R Opt+Cmd+R
Feather… Shift+F6 Shift+F6


Function PC Mac
Last Filter Alt+Ctrl+F Opt+Cmd+F
Adaptive Wide Angle… Alt+Shift+Ctrl+A Opt+Shift+Cmd+A
Camera Raw Filter… Shift+Ctrl+A Shift+Cmd+A
Lens Correction… Shift+Ctrl+R Shift+Cmd+R
Liquify… Shift+Ctrl+X Shift+Cmd+X
Vanishing Point… Alt+Ctrl+V Opt+Cmd+V


Function PC Mac
Render 3D Layer Alt+Shift+Ctrl+R Opt+Shift+Cmd+R


Function PC Mac
Proof Colours Ctrl+Y Cmd+Y
Gamut Warning Shift+Ctrl+Y Shift+Cmd+Y
Zoom In Ctrl++ Cmd++
Zoom Out Ctrl+- Cmd+-
Fit on Screen Ctrl+0 Cmd+0
100% Ctrl+1 Cmd+1
Extras Ctrl+H Cmd+H
Target Path Shift+Ctrl+H Shift+Cmd+H
Grid Ctrl+’ Cmd+’
Guides Ctrl+; Cmd+;
Rulers Ctrl+R Cmd+R
Snap Shift+Ctrl+; Shift+Cmd+;


Function PC Mac
Lock Guides Alt+Ctrl+; Opt+Cmd+;
Actions Alt+F9 Opt+F9
Brush Settings F5 F5
Colour F6 F6
Info F8 F8
Layers F7 F7


Function PC Mac
Photoshop Help F1 F1

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Quick Tool Selection Keys

To compliment all the functional shortcut in Photoshop, there are also shortcuts to quickly access tools. These give you quick and easy access to some of your most-used tools such as Zoom, Select Tool, and tools to Increase or Decrease Brush size and loads more. Below you will find the list of quick tools selection keys.

Quick Tools Selection Keys

Tool PC Mac
3D Material Drop Tool G G
3D Material Eyedropper Tool I I
Art History Brush Tool Y Y
Artboard Tool V V
Background Eraser Tool E E
Black & White K K
Brush Tool B B
Burn Tool O O
Clone Stamp Tool S S
Colour Sampler Tool I I
Content-Aware Move Tool J J
Crop Tool C C
Curvature Pen Tool P P
Custom Shape Tool U U
Cycle Tool Mode E E
Cycle View Mode F F
Decrease Brush Hardness { {
Decrease Brush Size [ [
Default Foreground/Background Colours D D
Direct Selection Tool A A
Disable Views X X
Dodge Tool O O
Ellipse Tool U U
Elliptical Marquee Tool M M
Eraser Tool E E
Eyedropper Tool I I
First Brush < <
Frame Tool K K
Freeform Pen Tool P P
Gradient Tool G G
Hand Tool H H
Healing Brush Tool J J
History Brush Tool Y Y
Horizontal Type Mask Tool T T
Increase Brush Hardness } }
Increase Brush Size ] ]
Lasso Tool L L
Lasso Tool L L
Last Brush > >
Line Tool U U
Magic Eraser Tool E E
Magic Wand Tool W W
Magnetic Lasso Tool L L
Marching Ants M M
Mixer Brush Tool B B
Move Tool V V
Next Brush . .
Note Tool I I
Object Selection Tool W W
On Black A A
On Layers Y Y
On White T T
Onion Skin O O
Overlay V V
Paint Bucket Tool G G
Patch Tool J J
Path Selection Tool A A
Pattern Stamp Tool S S
Pen Tool P P
Pencil Tool B B
Perspective Crop Tool C C
Polygon Tool U U
Polygonal Lasso Tool L L
Previous Brush , ,
Quick Selection Tool W W
Rectangle Tool U U
Rectangular Marquee Tool M M
Red Eye Tool J J
Refine Edge Brush Tool R R
Rotate View Tool R R
Rounded Rectangle Tool U U
Ruler Tool I I
Sampling Brush Tool B B
Show Edge J J
Show Original P P
Slice Select Tool C C
Slice Tool C C
Sponge Tool O O
Spot Healing Brush Tool J J
Switch Foreground/Background Colours X X
Toggle Preserve Transparency / /
Toggle Screen Modes F F
Toggle Standard/Quick Mask Modes Q Q
Vertical Type Mask Tool T T
Vertical Type Tool T T
Zoom Tool Z Z

Most Commonly Used Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts in Luminosity Masking

We can use any of the shortcuts available to us in Photoshop. But, naturally, we are all creatures of habit. Once a workflow is constructed, we rarely deviate from it. In short, here is a list of our own most commonly used shortcuts when luminosity masking.

Common Luminosity Masking Shortcuts

Function PC Mac
Create a Group Ctrl+G Cmd+G
Reselect last selection Ctrl+Shift+D Cmd+Shift+D
Creating a Clipping Mask Ctrl+Alt+G Cmd+Opt+G
Promote Layer to the top of the stack Ctrl+Shift+[ Cmd+Shift+[
Demote Layer to the bottom of the stack Ctrl+Shift+] Cmd+Shift+]
Change the size of the brush Ctrl+Alt+Right mouse button+slide left or right Cmd+Opt+Right mouse button+slide left or right
Change hardness of the brush Ctrl+Alt+Right mouse button+slide up or down Cmd+Opt+Right mouse button+slide up or down
Save for the Web Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S Cmd+Opt+Shift+S
Make a selection from the mask Ctrl+left click on the mask Cmd+left click on the mask
To see the mask Alt+left click on the mask Opt+left click on the mask
Hide active selection (marching ants) Ctrl+H Cmd+H
Deselect active selection Ctrl+D Cmd+D
Hand Tool H H
Zoom tool Z Z
Zoom 100% Ctrl+1 Cmd+1
Fit image to the screen Ctrl+0 Cmd+0
Brush Tool B B
Duplicate selected layer Ctrl+J Cmd+J
Invert Mask Ctrl+I Cmd+I
Invert active selection Ctrl+Shift+I Cmd+Shift+I

Ways to Remember Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Why not save this web page in your bookmarks? It’s really easy: just press Ctrl+D.
  2. You can download this post to either print out and to access while offline. To download our resource please click HERE.
  3. There are some great keyboard stickers you can buy online. Using any search engine type in “photoshop keyboard stickers” and you will find loads of vendors selling them at reasonable prices.
  4. To find the list of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts when in Photoshop. Go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts… or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K on a PC or Opt+Shift+Cmd+K on a Mac. You can also edit the shortcuts in this menu however, I wouldn’t recommend it.
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The above is an extension of a previous post we published in 2014 Photoshop Shortcuts For A Non-Destructive Workflow.

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