Perspective & Panoramic Blending for Landscape Photography

Perspective & Panoramic Blending for Landscape Photography

Dave Morrow has created a great video tutorial for us this week on perspective and panorama blending for landscapes.

A combination of shooting and post-processing techniques, there are a few things photographers of any level can pick up here. I particularly love his use of the Clone Stamp in creating panoramas instead of the automated functions. This might explain why his astrophotography panoramas are so awesome, despite having to compete with the earth’s rotation (changing position of the stars).

I would highly recommend checking out Dave’s free ebook, too. There’s lots of great info inside.

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Perspective & Panoramic Blending for Landscape Photography

6 thoughts on “Perspective & Panoramic Blending for Landscape Photography

  1. This is so clever…I never new you can use the clonestamp from one document to an other… Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tutorial. Sometimes someone should remember us so many forgoten posibililties. Thanks

  3. Good tutorial, I’d like to try this out on some mountain shots this summer!

  4. Jimmy, when you say, I’ll go down here, that “here” is no visible. What is it? Thanks!

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