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Photoshop Secrets 17: 5 Ways To Color Correct Beautifully (Even Remove Strong Casts)

Photoshop Secrets 17: 5 Ways To Color Correct Beautifully (Remove Any Cast)

Photoshop Secrets 17: 5 Ways To Color Correct Beautifully (Even Remove Strong Casts)

In today’s 5 ways to color correct Photoshop Secrets, we will look at a number of very effective ways to remove even the strongest colour casts in Photoshop.

These techniques are quick and easy. Three of the methods are instant, letting Photoshop choose the colors for us. Different methods work for different scenes. That is why I have put together the free action above. Just run this once and delete the layers you don’t want to keep.

The other two techniques require more manual input from us, but gain more consistent results. While establishing a white point is a fairly common technique, matching colours from different images, which we see in the video, is less known but very effective.

5 Ways of Colour Correcting in Photoshop

Method 1

1. With your image open in photoshop, go to Image>Auto Colour or Press Shift+Ctrl+B on a PC or Shift+Cmd+B on a Mac.

auto colour

2. As you can see it does a decent job of removing the colour cast.

5 ways to colour Correct

Image>Auto Colour


Method 2

1. On the menu navigation pane go to Image>Adjustment>Match Colour.

Match Colour photoshop


2. When the Match Colour option appears select the tick box ‘Nuatralize’. Then, click OK.



3. A different after effect from the first method but equally as good.

5 ways to colour Correct

Match Colour Neutralize


Method 3

1. For the third method we’re going into Camera RAW. Go to Filters>Camera Raw Filter or press Shift+Ctrl+A on a PC or Shift+Cmd+A on a Mac.

Camera Raw Filters


2. In the dropdown option for White Balance select Auto.

Auto White Balance


3. Click on OK to return to photoshop.

Raw auto colour correct


4. The colour is balanced and we have kept some subtle colours.

5 ways to colour Correct

Camera Raw after Auto White


Method 4

For this method, we will be using an image of the same scene that was taken at the same time but without an ND filter.

1. We open an image containing the colours we want. 

colour source 

2. As we did in one of the previous methods, go to Image>Adjustments>Match Colour.

match colour adjustments


3. When the dialogue box opens, under the image statistics for your source, select the image which you want to balance the colours from.

In our example, it is named “color 2.psd”.

colour match source


4. This time we have control. Under Image Options you can adjust the Luminance, Color Intensity ,and Fade. When you’re finished click OK.

control colour match


5. Because we have some level of control this method is much more flexible than the others and can produce a variety of different results.

5 ways to colour Correct

color match source control


Method 5

1. Our final method uses Levels or Curves.

use levels to colour correct


2. Select the eyedropper tool to find the white point.

levels white point


3. Take your eyedropper tool over the image and hold down the Alt or Opt key. The image will change dramatically to display the brightest areas of the image.

select white point


4. Refine the selection by using the sliders.

increase white point selection


5. Release the Alt or Opt key and click on the area of your image that you would like to use as your White point.

correct colours in photoshop


6. Again, another good result. Proof that Photoshop has a good variety of ways to color correct quickly and easily.

5 ways to colour Correct

how to colour correct in photoshop

There are addition methods but these simple and effective methods are the easiest 5 ways to color correct in photoshop.

5 ways to color correct in photoshop

5 ways to color correct in photoshop

Download the free actions by subscribing here.

If you liked this tutorial we have several other tutorial on color control and manipulation which be found at the following link

For an 18 minute detailed explanation on color correction, you should watch this youtube video on The Complete Color Correction Process in Photoshop.

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Photoshop Secrets 17: 5 Ways To Color Correct Beautifully (Even Remove Strong Casts)
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