Article By Jimmy McIntyre

Panoramas can be tricky to shoot and stitch together. When done well, they can also be extremely impacting. But sometimes, Photoshop, or other panorama software, don’t like the files you’re trying to stitch together. In this tutorial, I show you two awesome techniques to stitch even the most difficult panoramas together in Photoshop.

The video also gives a few tips on how to shoot panoramas so the stitching is easier. Essentially, try to make sure there is about 40% overlap between tiles. And the narrower the focal distance, the less distortion you will have, the easier it will be to stitch the pano.

However, if you do have to shoot wide, and find you’re having difficulty creating your pano in Photoshop, these two techniques could make your life easier.

And you can also try these two alternative panorama stitching programs if Photoshop is not playing ball:

Hugin – Panorama photo stitcher

Microsoft ICE

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