Quick Photoshop Secrets 4: Easily Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Free Action)

Quick Photoshop Secrets 4: Quickly Remove Chromatic Aberration

Quick Photoshop Secrets 4: Easily Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Free Action)

In this week’s Photoshop Secrets tutorials, we learn how to very quickly and easily remove stubborn Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop.

If you find that Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom couldn’t remove CA in your images. Don’t worry, we will show you how to manually remove it.

How to Remove Chromatic Aberrations quickly and cleanly

Chromatic Aberration can take ages to remove. We have made it really quick for you with our FREE downloadable actions. If you prefer to go the long way duplicate your image, go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Choose a radius of around 20, and press OK. Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Color, and place a black mask on it to make it invisible. From there, paint over all the areas with CA using a white brush, and voila! no more CA!

Step By Step Guide To Removing CA

  1. Duplicate your base layer. Select layer and press Ctrl+J or Cmd+J
  2. Add a Gaussian Blur. Go to Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur.
  3. Adjust the Radius setting until you get a smooth clolour blend.
  4. Change the blurred layers Blend Mode to Colour.
    -NOTE; This removes the chromatic aberration but can also affect colours in your image.
  5. To restore the colours add a hidden Layer Mask. Go to Layer>Layer Mask>Hide All.
  6. Select your Brush Tool by pressing ‘B’ on the keyboard. Select white as your foreground colour.
  7. With your white Brush selected, paint over the edges and remove the Chromatic Aberration in a much more controlled way.

Follow Each Step to Remove CA

STEP 1: Duplicate Layer.

Duplicate Background Layer

STEP 2: Add Gaussian Blur.

Add Gaussian Blur

STEP 3: Adjust Radius.

Gaussian Blur Radius

STEP 4: Change Blend Mode to Colour.

Change blend mode in photoshop

STEP 5: Add hidden Layer Mask.

Add hidden layer mask

STEP 6: Select a White Brush.

White Brush

STEP 7: Paint our CA manually.

Paint out Chromatic Aberration

Image Before And After Removing Chromatic Aberration

Before removing chromatic aberrationImage after removing chromatic aberration

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Quick Photoshop Secrets 4: Easily Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Free Action)

24 thoughts on “Quick Photoshop Secrets 4: Easily Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Free Action)

    1. If I may… I know.. The Actions usualy don’t run in a foreign language. You can try to change your Photoshop in English (if wanted only when using English actions). Try if you can change your *dat language file in *bak.
      I copy the *dat file and rename it tw10428.dat.old en rename the tw10428.dat to tw10428.bak.
      If you have to reverse it to Spanish again, rename tw10428.dat.old to tw10428.dat again and rename tw10428.bak to tw10428.bak.old (Therefor you always have a good working copy)

      You can find your *dat file for Windows at: Program Files
      Adobe, Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, Locales , EP, Support Files

      It really works for me


      1. Bego, a mi me pasaba lo mismo y al final encontré algo en le red que me ayudó y funciona perfectamente, aunque te devuelve al lenguaje en inglés.C:archivos de prgramaAdobeAdobe Photoshop cs6localeses-ESsupport Files. En ese recorrido te encuentras con una carpeta llamada: twxxxx.dat (las xx representan números: que pueden variar. Eliminas ese archivo y ya está. Yo suelo utilizar las acciones en inglés, pero tengo las de Mellado y me siguen funcionando. Por lo tanto creo que es una manera de poder acceder a acciones tanto en español como en inglés. Lo que yo hice, por si caso es guardar en un lugar a parte la carpeta que elimino por si necesirtara volver a colocarla. Espero que te ayude. No tengo la web, pero el título es: ejecutar acciones o scripts escritas en inglés en Photoshop en idioma español.

  1. After i pose my note I notice that it is the same as one of the Reina. Sorry

  2. Thanks Jimmy for all the wonderful tutorials. Have posted on Twitter and FB a couple of times. Loving them, but not always succeeding!
    I just watched your Chromatic Aberration tutorial several times whilst trying on PS. I will practice more, but missed where to find the free Action download for this. I would love it. Cheers, Kaye 🙂

    1. Jimmy, sorry, I did find the action which downloaded with Easy Panel. Sorry!
      Tried on PS but can’t seem to run it like other actions. Get prompts: ‘The command “make” is not currently available. I must be doing something wrong here 🙂

  3. Hi Jimmy, would love to make an action for the on PSE. How do I do that or will this work on my PSE 10?

  4. Your Easy Panel doesn’t work on either of my mac desktop or macbook pro. I use PS CC 2014. I have the actions downloaded. Can’t figure out the problem.

  5. Jimmy https://www.shutterevolve.com/quick-photoshop-secrets-4-easily-remove-chromatic-aberration-in-photoshop-free-action/
    I follow the steps and like the results. As far as finding an action looks like it’s up to me to record as I found no free .ATN action link prerecorded action. (Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Free Action) ) as listed per Quick Photoshop Secrets 4: Easily Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Free Action)uick Photoshop Secrets 4: Easily Remove Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop (Free Action) Yes.

    1. Hi Tom. Are you an email subscriber? The link to the free actions was sent out yesterday. The email title was, ‘Better Than Luminosity Masks’.

      Please check your SPAM folder.
      Thank you

      1. Why yes I am a subscriber..and close to spending a few dollars on your Premium Tutorials.
        I am not a CC user as I have paid for my PS CS6. Adobe’s cc model does not make me happy having started at PS3 and Pagemaker on an Apple Mac 180c.
        What’s a fella to do after making a creative suite investment?
        Thanks for clarification on the above-mentioned actions. I am retired, like your style and look forward to your presentations.
        Tommy T

  6. Hi Jimmy.. I already got ur Action For You files.. then how to input the atn file to my Extensions menu in my CC 2014? thx..

  7. Jimmy

    Cannot find the “free” action. Looked at the Better than Luminosity Mask email, saw only Range Masks to download. So where is the elusive action that presumably relates to the Chromatic Aberration video?

      1. I just found this and joined your email list. It looks like I need the Better than Luminosity email to download Range masks and get the free CA tool – is there any way I can get that now?

  8. Hi Jimmy, I can’t get Raya Pro installed on my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.11). I copied the manual install folder to /CEP/extensions, but it doesn’t show up in the Extensions menu. Installation by chosing installer under scripts doesn’t do the trick also.
    Any other possibility?



    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for purchasing Raya Pro. When you open Photoshop and go to Windows>Extensions, what happens (errors)? If there are no errors and Raya Pro isn’t there, please can you go to Photoshop>About and tell me exactly what version of Photoshop you are using (14, 2014, 2015 e.g.).


      1. Hi Jimmy, thanks for the prompt response. It was the wrong version I have chosen :-S
        I was able to install the right version, but only on the manual way. Installing it through the installer script gave me an error on a wrong signature when I wanted to open the panel (something to do with user rights?).



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