Raya Pro vs InstaMask – What is the Difference?

Raya Pro vs InstaMask - What is the Difference

Raya Pro vs InstaMask – What is the Difference?

Since the release of InstaMask, I’ve receive a few emails asking about the differences between InstaMask and Raya Pro. In this video I demonstrate the main strengths of each panel and how they differ.

Essentially, Raya Pro is a total workflow panel. It has everything for every step of our workflow. From colour correction, dodging and burning, to exposure blending and frequency separation, this panel has it all. InstaMask, however, was created for those who enjoy crafting advanced masks, and who prefer to work directly on  a mask, rather than on layers.

With Raya Pro, all of our exposure blending is done on the layer itself. It is extremely user-friendly, and quick. With InstaMask, we create the perfect mask, and then apply it to our images once we are happy.

Please watch the video to learn more.

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Raya Pro vs InstaMask – What is the Difference?

2 thoughts on “Raya Pro vs InstaMask – What is the Difference?

  1. Jimmy. Thanks for your explanation of the differences between Raya Pro and InstaMask. I emailed you asking the question because I found it difficult to see when you should use one or the other panel. Your explanation makes this clear.

    After spending some considerable time with your tutorial on InstaMask, I am gradually getting to grips with it. It is a great editing tool and I can see that it will form an important part of my editing procedure in the future. One thing I still find difficult is to remember to select the correct layer when applying the masks. Although your tutorials are very good, you sometimes are a little too quick when showing which layer should be selected

  2. Jimmy please make this available for CS6 ! i feel like I’m really missing out here 🙁

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