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Sunrise Blue Hour Photography

Sunrise Blue Hour Photography

What is Sunrise Blue Hour Photography? Well, it occurs at a time just before sunrise when the sky begins to turn from night into day. You know, that early morning time when the birds begin to sing, just before the sun peaks over the horizon. It’s the perfect time for capturing landscapes, followed closely by the sunrise itself. During this transition from blue hour to sunrise, the mood of the scene can change unrecognizably. As both sunrise and blue hour individually bring out their own stunning colours and exciting lighting. This is brilliant for longe exposure photography and exposure blending. Henry Turner shares an experience with us while shooting at Grasmere in the Lake District, you can feel Henry’s passion and excitement when the scene unfolds before him.

STUNNING Sunrise & Blue Hour | Lake District Landscape Photography


When is a Sunrise Blue Hour?

Outside of the world of photography, blue hour is commonly referred to as Dawn in the morning, and Dusk in the evening. It’s approximately half an hour before sunrise and can be up to an hour just after sunset. The first blue hour of the day is a peaceful and tranquil time where you can get settled, find your composition, and welcome in the morning peacefully. Sunrise times vary through the year due to seasonal changes and daylight saving. The sun can rise as early as 4:30 in summer, and as late as 8:30 in the winter in the UK. So if early mornings aren’t your thing, winter is the best time for you, but you’ll have to contend with the cold. Let’s look at the benefits of capturing a sunrise blue hour in the summer vs the winter.

Which Sunrise Blue Hour Is Best For You?

Summer Sunrise Blue Hour Photography

  • There’s less people to be captured in our shot.
  • It’s warmer.
  • A relaxing way to start a fulfilling day.
  • You can be back home in time for breakfast.

Winter Sunrise Blue Hour Photography

  • Extra time in bed.
  • Winter blue hours are longer with a low lying sun.
  • Less tourism in most places during winter.
  • You can capture blue hour on your way to work.

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How to Plan For Blue Hour Photography – What Time Is Sunrise?

The exact time of sunrise is determined by the earth’s rotation on its tilted access and where you are in the world. That’s a complicated way to describe it. Fortunately for us in the modern age, there’s an abundance of apps and websites that can tell you exactly when the sun will rise. Here’s just two which I can recommend that are FREE:

Of course, there are also two premium apps that we highly recommend, not only do they tell you when but they also show you where.

Blue Hour Photography
Lake Moke, New Zealand

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Sunrise Blue Hour Photography

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Sunrise Blue Hour Photography

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Sunrise Blue Hour Photography


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Sunrise Blue Hour Photography
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