5 Lightroom Secrets: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Mark Wallace takes us through some lesser-known, but superb features in Lightroom, on Adorama. Most of the video really taps into the main purpose of Lightroom - to make editing and oragnizing quick and easy. Mark introduces us to some very useful and convenient shortcuts, like [...]

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CJ7: How To Edit A Foggy, Moody Landscape In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Foggy landscapes are often inherently moody scenes. It isn't too difficult to edit these landscapes in Photoshop. In this case we started out with a beautifully composed image which was a little under exposed, with a strong blue colour cast. We finished with a softly-contrasting image, [...]

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Photoshop Secrets 21: Create a Fake HDR Effect

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Today's tutorial is designed to show you how to quickly soften your shadows and highlights. I've called it a Fake HDR effect. It seems slow at first, but if you record an action, the process will be fairly instant. It's a nice little tool to have [...]

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Shooting Time-Lapse Photography at Night

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Continuing where we left off from Dave Morrow's article on How to Plan for Astro Photography, The Slanted Lens takes us step-by-step,though the process of setting up and shooting an astro time-lapse. At the beautifully isolated location of Mono Lake, J.P. gives us suggestions on ideal [...]

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Photoshop Secrets 20: Easily Remove Distortion (Perspective & Barrel)

This tutorial will teach you two techniques for correcting both barrel distortion and perspective distortion in Photoshop. The first method, which I use in most of my images, is quick, easy and uses the Distort function in Photoshop. I usually check Enable Lens Profile Corrections in Adobe Camera RAW before importing images into [...]

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Save For Web Replaced by Export As in Photoshop CC 2015

Article By Jimmy McIntyre To the frustration of many users, Adobe are phasing out the 'Save for Web' function in Photoshop. They are replacing it with 'Export As'. The eventual disappearance of this function has led to users flooding the Adobe forums with complaints, and Adobe publishing an article, clarifying [...]

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CJ6: How To Edit Fireworks Photos in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Capturing and editing fireworks exposures in Photoshop can be a bit challenging, and if you're using conventional masking to blend firework exposures, it can take a long time. In this tutorial we are going to see how to blend multiple firework exposures extremely quickly and cleanly [...]

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Making the Lens Flare Accurate and Adjustable in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Marty from Blue Lightning TV does a great of showing us how to create more natural lens flare effects in Photoshop. This isn't an easy thing to get right. Sometimes it is obvious to see when lens flare has been added in post. The flare tends [...]

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Photoshop Secrets 19: Create An Instant Perfect Luminosity Mask

Article By Jimmy McIntyre If you've been following my tutorials for a while, you'll know how powerful luminosity masks are. But did you know that you can create your own perfect luminosity mask in Photoshop, without complex actions? This tutorial will show you how to do just that. We will create a luminosity [...]

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Using Photographer’s Ephemeris Planning for Night Sky Photography

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Dave Morrow, astro-photographer extraordinaire, shows us some useful ways he plans his night sky shoots. Dave spends most of the video showing you how powerful The Photographer’s Ephemeris is in planning for a successful shoot. If you're new to The Photographer’s Ephemeris, this is undoubtedly the most [...]

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