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7 Photography Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

Photography Tips I Wish I Knew

7 Photography Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

All photographers must start somewhere. At the beginning photography can be frustrating and complicated. But, as you develop as a photographer over time you will vastly improve. By knowing your equipment better, setting up and taking great images will become quicker and easier for you. Not only by knowing your equipment will you improve, but also by knowing the where, the when, and the how, to take better images. Nigel Danson shares with us 7 Photography Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier.

7 SIMPLE photography TIPS I wish I knew EARLIER

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Nigel has shared some brilliant advice in his video. By really embracing and taking on board these 7 tips you can certainly start to improve your photography. Photography can’t be mastered by just following 7 tips, but if you had to have a foundation to start from this is a good base for that. Our Art of Photography course covers these areas and much more. It is our most popular course by a long way and has helped many photographers hone their skills over the years. I would certainly recommend you check it out here:

The 7 Photography Tips I Wish I Knew covered in Nigel’s tutorial are:-

  1. 1:56 – Use aperture priority mode
  2. 4:04 – Understand your histogram
  3. 5:35 – Focus efficiency
  4. 9:18 – Simplify your image
  5. 11:37 – Use different lenses
  6. 13:31 – Where are you standing?
  7. 15:06 – Light

The Art Of Photography

Our Art of Photography Course is the complete photography course. From all aspects of getting it right in-camera like bracketing, long exposures, shooting astrophotography, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes to detailed post-processing using luminosity masks – you will learn to truly master this beautiful art.

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Photography Meanings I Wish I Knew 


Aperture Priority Mode

Aperture priority mode is usually displayed as an “A”, or “Av” on your camera. What this does is make your Aperture setting (F number) the main setting that your camera will then work from. Your camera will determine the correct shutter speed for the lighting available and deliver a balanced exposure. 

image from


Understanding your Histogram

Using the histogram to balance exposure can reduce noise in your images. From left to right, the histogram shows your how light is distributed in your image from Black to White. Between Black and White, your Shadows, Mid-tones, and Highlights are contained. 


Focus Efficiency

Focus is vitally important in photography, this ties in with your Aperture setting and Depth of Field. A surefire way to get as much of your subject in focus is to zoom into the most distant point and adjust your focus on that. keeping your aperture within the middle above 6 should give you infinity focus. 


Simplify Your Image

Get rid of anything that is too busy. Removing mess from your images can make all the difference. This could be physically removing things such as twigs from your foreground. Or, removing objects when post-processing. If you remove the distractions what’s left makes sense.


Use Different Lenses

Great! this is a real way to better yourself as a photographer. Of course, keep your favourites or go-to lenses, we all have our tried and tested kit and methods. By using (or trying) different lenses you break from your comfort zone and push yourself. You might begin to find compositions that you never expected. 


Where You Are Standing

This sounds obvious but it can be overlooked, usually with enthusiasm. I’ve done it myself, been set up in a location for ages and been snapping away happily to then realise that if I go a few inches left or right the composition will be much better. Those few inches can make all the difference.



To me the most important factor. In Landscape photography, the perfect lighting can sometimes only appear for as little as 5-minute in a day. You could be there for hours in anticipation. Beat the sunset, wait for blue hour to come and go and continue after. Then rise early and welcome the rising Sun with your Camera in hand.  


Photography Tips I Wish I Knew

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Other Photography Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier


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7 Photography Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier
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