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How to Take Stunning Landscape Photos in “Boring” Locations

Salt Flats, New Mexico, USA by Val Pierce

How to Take Stunning Landscape Photos in “Boring” Locations

This video is from Mads Peter Iversen a photographer and tutor from Denmark. If this video Mads teaches us who to make the most out of photographing a boring landscape. These tips that Mads shares with us are definitely worth taking note of. His images are fantastic and his teaching methods are really effective. We can all learn from photographers like Mads who are willing to share their experiences with us.

How to Take Stunning Landscape Photos in "Boring" Locations

What Have We Learned From This Video Tutorial

A common theme that I am seeing which has been created by circumstance is the ability for top photographers to be able to adapt from shooting globally to shooting locally. What is different in this video, is that despite having seemingly nothing to photograph in Denmark, Mads finds ways to make his images work. Fortunately for us, Mads has shared 7 brilliant tips to take stunning landscape photos in “Boring” locations. Make sure to watch the video and learn more about these seven great photography tips.


Seven Tips To Take Stunning Landscape Photos

  1. Find a Focal Point

  2. Benefit From The Conditions

  3. Embrace Minimalism

  4. Zoom In

  5. Is The Grass Greener

  6. Learn New Techniques

  7. Get a Drone

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I found another article from Mads on How to Take Amazing Landscape Photos When You Live in a “Boring” Landscape. This is very similar to this article with more detail on some of the key points to improve your landscape photography

An article by David Peterson has piqued my interest. This article address some of the most common mistakes that photographers make when shooting landscapes. Ask David: Why are my landscapes so boring?

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The final article I’d like to share and an editorial: Why is Landscape Photography Often So Boring and Predictable? 

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How to Take Stunning Landscape Photos in “Boring” Locations
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