Article By Jimmy McIntyre

Continuing where we left off from Dave Morrow’s article on How to Plan for Astro Photography, The Slanted Lens takes us step-by-step,though the process of setting up and shooting an astro time-lapse.

At the beautifully isolated location of Mono Lake, J.P. gives us suggestions on ideal shooting locations to capture the ‘Milky Way’. We also take a look at how to plan for shooting and what equipment we need, specifically a wide-angle lens that can stop down to f/2.8, and a good shutter release remote.

In the video, JP shoots 20 second exposures at an ISO of 2,000, with a 5-second rest between exposures, for around 4 hours.

To focus he changes his shooting mode to video and manually focuses at a x10 zoom, rather than shifting to infinity. He also uses a Daylight white balance.