Photo Talk: How To Deepen Mood By Darkening Your Images

Photo Talk: Deepening Mood With Darker Images

This is the first episode in a new YouTube series called, Photo Talk, where I go into more detail about the theory behind shooting, processing and composing.

And I also include some useful advice, tips, and processing techniques along with the theory. In this first episode, we look at how darkening your image may help to create a deeper mood, why this might be the case, and how to avoid clipping. I demonstrate on a few images, showing you different ways to darken your image effectively in Photoshop.

Essentially, while we will look at darkening highlights and shadows, we spend more time focusing on midtones. This style may not be in line with your tastes, or it may be something you haven’t tried before, but feel free to experiment on your images to see if you can make it work.

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Photo Talk: How To Deepen Mood By Darkening Your Images

15 thoughts on “Photo Talk: How To Deepen Mood By Darkening Your Images

  1. Thanks, Jimmy. Really like this sort of tutorial. Appreciate the insights into your thought process. I always pull things down to make sure there is a black point. I’ll have to play with this idea some.

    1. Thank you very much for the great infos, Jimmy, I would love to see more of videos like these!

  2. I can’t wait for the next tutorial. I know you finish your work day quite tired! But perhaps you could think about “tutorialing” on this matter as a kind of relief. Thanks a lot. It´s mind opener.

  3. More of these please! I was always hesitant to use the midtone masks before watching this. Thanks so much Jimmy!

  4. Lovely video. I am learning so much from your videos. Keep them coming. The sound was perfect. It actually made it easier to understand the Geordie accent, which I love anyway. Keep up the good work.

  5. Great tips and techniques, Jimmy. I always learn a great deal from your videos so to answer your question – yes! I would love to see more videos like this. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for another great video Jimmy. I’ve recently bought all your tutorial videos along with Raya Pro and I know they are gong to help me improve my photographs dramatically in the coming months and years. I highly recommend them to all landscape photographers.

  7. Thank you once again for a great tutorial. Now all I have to do is practice.

  8. Thanks for another great video Jimmy. I am learning so much from your videos. Keep them coming.

  9. Very nice tutorial on your thought process going into the creation of your images. They are beautiful, and your willingness and ability to share your thought process is inspiring.

  10. Keep them coming!!! Your knowledge is priceless and your tone is calming. Thanks for sharing.

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