How To Create A Realistic Fake Long Exposure Effect In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Nothing looks quite as good as using an ND filter when it comes to long exposures. But if you don't have one, there are wonderful ways of producing the effect in post-processing. I created this video tutorial to show you how to create a realistic fake long exposure in Photoshop. You [...]

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Photography Tutorials On 500px

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Over the last 6 months I've had the pleasure of being a regular contributor to the 500px blog. I've written articles ranging from post-processing, digital blending, shooting, and even gaining more followers. For convenience, I've published links to my last 6 articles here, so that you may find them all in [...]

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How To Double Process & Digital Blend a Single RAW File in Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre This superb tutorial from Sea2Summit Workshops will show you how to double process a single RAW file in order extend its dynamic range. The beauty of this is that most of the processing is done in ACR, so we are utilizing that wonderful depth of information that a RAW file can [...]

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Luminosity Masks – Why Can’t I Paint Inside The Selection?

Article By Jimmy McIntyre As beginners to luminosity masks, there are a number of challenges we face in understanding their application. LMs are a wonderful tool for any landscape or cityscape photographer, but one of the most common questions I'm asked by newcomers to LMs is, 'why can't I paint inside the mask selection?' It [...]

How To Shoot For Digital Blending

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Capturing the scene correctly in-camera is certainly the most important step in any photography workflow - a Digital Blending workflow is no different. No amount of post-processing can save a mood-less, blurry scene. It is important that we understand the incredible machine that is our camera, so that we can truly [...]

Digital Blending Using Apply Image to Create Beautifully Natural Images

Article By Jimmy McIntyre On Shutter...Evolve I've had the pleasure of writing tutorials on 3 different exposure blending methods, The Rapid Blend If Technique, Gradient Masking, and of course, the Daddy of them all, Luminosity Masks. However, another superb way of blending exposures is through using the Apply Image function in Photoshop. We can use [...]

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How To Create Your Own Luminosity Masks

Article by Jimmy McIntyre: Please note, you can download my free luminosity mask actions (and other great actions) that will create the same masks that you see here. You will also receive, once a week, an email from me with free tutorials and articles that I find around the web that I think will help [...]

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How Many Exposures Do I Need For Digital Blending?

Article by Jimmy McIntyre: How many exposures to take, and the EV difference between exposures is one of the first things people consider when they begin their journey into digital blending. Getting it right in-camera is an absolute must. Otherwise, you may return home with a set of exposures that won't give you the options [...]

Combining 32 Bit Processing With Luminosity Masks to Create Beautiful images

I'm thrilled to announce that next week I will be giving away a free digital blending workflow tutorial for one of my most popular images, which made it to number one on and flickr's Explore. This is one of the tutorials in my Art of Digital Blending course and it will teach you how [...]

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How To Add Dramatic Car Trails To Your Photos In Photoshop

Article By Jimmy McIntyre Using the same example image as we used in our last tutorial on How To Add Clouds To A Sky In Photoshop, this time we're looking at how to add dramatic car trails to your photos in Photoshop in just a few steps. Making sure you shoot multiple long exposures (you [...]

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