Photography Tutorials

Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

In this tutorial section, you will find a wealth of FREE Photoshop Tutorials for beginners. Whether you’re learning how to photoshop pictures, or how to photoshop edit photos, you’ll find the answers here. Our tutorials are no non-sense,  short and specific so they get right to the point. Read a short description to find out why we use this technique. Then watch our video tutorials and follow our step-by-step guides. The best place to find photoshop tutorials.

From mountain ranges to the shoreline and everything in between. Beginner Landscape photographers will learn loads about editing their images from our short tutorials.

How to Recover Shadow Details in Photoshop

How to Recover Shadow Details in Photoshop There is a way to recover details that are hidden within the shadows of our images. Of course, the best method for this is by capturing multiple exposures with varying exposure values (EV). Then using exposure blending and luminosity masks created by RAYA PRO you can blend the […]

How To Fix a Strong Halo in Photoshop

How To Fix a Strong Halo in Photoshop Halo’s can appear naturally in photography, in a similar way to an optical illusion. Where lighter tones meet darker tones there’s sometime a sense that the tones are even brighter than they really are, thus creating a halo effect. However, a strong halo is usually the result […]

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