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Improve Your Seascape Photography – 8 Tips to Help

Improve Your Seascape Photography

Improve Your Seascape Photography – 8 Tips to Help

Living close to the sea has its perks. You’re never short of an opportunity to capture a unique image. Living in the North-East of England I’m only 5 miles away from the nearest beach, where the first hints of a morning sunrise bathe the land. Seascapes are always popular locations to photograph, be that of the beautiful black sands of Reynisfjara Beach or stunning white sand of Phi Phi Island. The constant promise of a sunset or sunrise, and the continuous flow and ebb of the water, means that Seascape photography is among the most popular photography genres. To capture a stunning seascape photograph there are some basic tips to follow. Thanks to this short tutorial video by Michael Shainblum who shares 8 Tips to Help Improve Your Seascape Photography, we can all start shooting seascapes successfully.

8 of my BEST SEASCAPE Photography Tips

What are the 8 Tips to Improve Seascape Photography

Below we have bullet pointed the 8 Tips to Help Improve Your Seascape. What Michael does very well in the video is explain the Why? He goes into detail about each and every tip and explains the importance of them very well. For a beginner, this video should give you a good level of understanding and confidence to pack up your gear and head to the closest sea or ocean without delay. You should definitely watch the full video a few times, and take notes to refer to when on-site. By following these simple tips for seascape photography for the first time you will immediately notice an improvement in your images.

  1. Try Different Shutter speeds
  2. Step into the Water
  3. Do not forget about the Telephoto lens
  4. Use filters/ which ones I use
  5. Use a rocket blower to remove water spots
  6. Clean your clean with fresh water and a rag
  7. Keep your edges clean
  8. Slow down and scout

Seascape Photography Images

Here are some Seascape examples from our portfolio. Jimmy has travelled around the world photographing Seascapes on just about every continent. We have images from the other side of the globe at Nugget Point in New Zealand, to our home county of Northumberland and Dunstanburgh Castle.


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Improve Your Seascape Photography

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Improve Your Seascape Photography

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Improve Your Seascape Photography

Improve Your Seascape Photography – 8 Tips to Help
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